Health insurance is mandatory requirement for students wanting to study abroad. Choosing the right insurance coverage program is really important since the healthcare expenses of the students need to be covered. As such, it is essential that students have the required coverage before boarding the flight. With our help not only can the students save a lot of money but also make the right choice regarding the type of insurance they need. Most students are in the dark about this and end up paying a lot of money unnecessarily after reaching their university.

 Why Choose Our Services?

  • As you are going to take the coverage in Indian rupees not in any other foreign currencies, you can always save money
  • Universities will always repay the premium if it is already paid
  • The coverage can last from one to twenty-four months, and it is not required to renew the same as it usually covers the entire academic period
  • The plan covers you right from the time you are aboard the flight
  • There are several plans from diverse companies that are designed for Indian students
  • All the insurance plans that we offer are recognized by universities from across the world

Our insurance plans are endowed with the following traits:

  • The insurance offers default coverage in the home country of the student
  • It offers coverage for medical evaluation, accidents and repatriation
  • Default daily allowance for the students during hospitalization
  • Loss/delay of baggage checked-in, loss of driving license, passport and laptop are covered by default.
  • The plans has free look period
  • It also covers personal liability along with university insolvency, study interruption and sponsor protection

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Shanshank - Service was on right time

Received Free International SIM Card thanks to Edutrust

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Edutrust was quick enough in their process, you dont believe , I got the loan within 3 working days and that was amazing, thanks to edutrust..Hats off!!

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