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Edutrust, has been a leading organization in overseas education representing over in 150 countries helping students to pursue their dreams. We have services ranging from DHL to career placements in the US. We assist them at each step from identifying the right program to guiding the right institutions. We encourage them to pursue their dreams.

We are associated with many top universities and colleges abroad and our students get a prior preference amongst the pool of competent applicants. We help them to overcome their biggest limitation which is finance. We assist them in requesting loan and complete their process easily and quickly. Apart from this, we make sure that students get scholarships or find a source of income from part-time jobs to make their education more affordable and economical.

Our Forex Card Delivers Limitless Advantages for the Users:

Better rates: We assure the best in class rates with our Forex card for all your remittances from India.

Easier document collection: All your documents will be collected from your doorstep adding to the already simpler service process.

Swifter remittances: After the remittance, you can always sit back and relax at home believing that it will reach your wards faster.

Simple process: The process of getting the card and loading cash to the card is extremely user friendly and anyone can do that hassle-free.

  • Foreign exchange rates are shown to influence the demand for study abroad
  • The number of currencies for key causing markets have declined in recent years, notably against the US dollar and British pound
  • Over the past year, currencies in rising education markets like Turkey, Brazil, Malaysia, and Russia have all fallen sharply against the dollar and pound
  • This has been a diode to some worth discounting, notably in comparatively uniform program classes, and, in some cases, to a shift in student demand to more cost-effective destinations.

Looking for Quality Education In Abroad?

We have tie-ups with many leading Universities and Colleges abroad and so students from Edutrust get the highest preference.

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